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Hi Steel (Bekasi, Indonesia)

Hi Steel is one of PT. Hijrah Insan Karima is engaged in the distribution and trading of iron, steel, mild steel and tools and accessories. We provide a wide range of material needs, such as building construction, housing construction, infrastructure construction, automotive body building, high rise building, furniture industries, lightweight steel roof truss structures, welding industry. We are in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi and Karawang.With the vision of "Becoming the Center for Sales of Concrete Iron, Steel, Mild Steel and Strong and Commitment Tools (Company with Strength and Commitment)" we strive, earnestly and patiently to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and stake holders. Strength or strength is the nature that we cultivate in the company to professionally provide services or meet the needs desired by customers, both in the form of the number of items desired, speed and timeliness of delivery and requests for customized items or according to order as well as price conformity . Commitment is the embodiment of our seriousness to fulfill all the promises that we say or deliver on the price and quality of good products, and services to all stake holders of the company and continuously improve the system running in the company, so that it becomes a "Trusted" company.And the mission of "Having a comprehensive and good system, Maintaining and fostering good relationships with stakeholders, Building and maintaining the name HISTEEL, Market oriented in competition and easily accessible to customers throughout the archipelago". By working with large and well-known factories we can provide competitive prices and we are ready to serve our customers throughout the archipelago both with our own fleet and our qualified and trusted expedition partners. Our website at www.histeel.co.id for the convenience of transacting online. For the sake of transaction security, buyers can transfer to a bank account in the name of PT. HIJRAH INSAN KARIMA. This proves our efforts to maintain the security of buyers' funds, considering that company accounts can only be owned by companies that have clear legality.The result of patience and seriousness in carrying out the company's vision and mission, we have good relationships and cooperation with several large and well-known factories, both as official distributors and as suppliers such as: PT. GUNUNG GARUDA, PT. KRAKATAU STEEL INDONESIA, PT. MASTER STEEL, PT. LIGHT FORM MAS. Customers and our customers from large and well-known companies such as: PT. Elnusa Tbk, PT. Telecommunication Cellular (Telkomsel), PT. Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JLJ), PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk (Alfamart), National Education Office (Diknas), PT. Pertamina, Ministry of Public Works, PT. Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk and PT. Indosat Tbk is also a company and retailers from various regions in Indonesia such as: Papua, Ambon, Palu, Banjarmasin, Bangka Belitung, Padang, Lampung, Medan, Pekan Baru, Cirebon, Bandung, Subang, Tasikmalaya, Purwokerto, Garut, Ciamis, Purwakarta, Karawang ."WHOLESALE PRICES TO SERVE RETAIL & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" is one of our mottos to meet consumer expectations to get our products at competitive prices and good quality or quality assurance. It is our hope that we can always meet the needs and desires and satisfaction of consumers and also be a useful company for the stake holders as well as their environment.


Menjadi pusat penjualan besi beton, baja, baja ringan dan tools yang kuat dan berkomitmen di Nusantara. ( Company with Strength and Commitment )


Memiliki sistem yang comprehensive dan baik; Menjaga dan membina hubungan yang baik dengan para stake holder; Membangun serta menjaga nama Histeel; Berorientasi pasar dalam persaingan; Mudah dijangkau oleh customer diseluruh Nusantara


Hi Steel bergerak dalam bidang distribusi dan perdagangan besi beton, baja, baja ringan, tool dan aksesorisnya. Hi Steel menyediakan berbagai macam produk berkualitas dengan harga bersaing di pasaran. Kami melayani pengiriman keseluruh wilayah Indonesia. Produk kami antara lain: Besi Beton, Baja Wide Flange, H Beam, Atap Spandek, Genteng Metal, Wiremesh, Besi UNP, Besi CNP, Pipa Air Galvanis, Pipa Besi Hitam, Plat Acer, Plat Bordes, Hollow Besi Hitam, Hollow Galvanis, Floordeck dan Aksesoris Tools lainnya. Konsultasikan kebutuhan Anda sebelum membeli produk-produk kami.



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