Roof UPVC Alderon RS Greca 1.2mm X 688mm X 5m (Single Layer)

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18 Dec 2021
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Specification of Roof UPVC Alderon RS Greca 1.2mm X 688mm X 5m (Single Layer)

Alderon RS Greca Roof 1.2mm X 688mm X 5m (Single Layer)

The Alderon RS roof is a single layer upvc roof designed to meet the needs of a roof that can last a long time at an affordable price. Alderon RS roof is available in three types, namely Alderon RS Greca, Alderon RS Roma, and Alderon RS Trimdeck. Of the three types, the difference between one type and another lies in the waveform, width, weight, and length. To find out more about the size of the roof of the Alderon RS type Greca, see the following specifications: 

Alderon RS Roof Type Greca / Square Wave 

- Thickness: 1.20mm 

- Width : 760mm Effective

- Width : 688mm 

- Height: 17mm

- Distance between peaks: 76mm 

- Weight: 2 Kg

- Available lengths: 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m 

- Color: White, Gray and Soft Blue 

7 reasons why you should use the Alderon RS roof

  1. Strong (Strong) 
  2. Light (Light Weight) 
  3. Durable (Durable) 
  4. No rust (Corrosion Free) 
  5. Extinguishes it self if it burns (Self Extinguishing) 
  6. Easy to fabricate, cut, punch and easy to install 
  7. Chemically resistant for the industrial sector, Alderon RS is an economical choice that is resistant to chemical elements (Chemical Resistance) 

Alderon roofs can be applied to roof construction, including:

  1. Residential roof 
  2. Canopy
  3. Cladding 
  4. Roofs of buildings with special needs such as farms, chemical factories, fertilizer factories. 

We sell Alderon RS Single Layer Roof with competitive prices and proven quality. We serve purchases in large quantities (Wholesale) and Retail (Retail).

 *) PICTURES of the Alderon RS Roof are illustrative IMAGE ONLY, may differ from the original product.

 *) Contact histeel.id Online Distributor of Steel, Steel and Mild Steel for the best Alderon RS Roof for your needs.

 *) Alderon RS Roof Prices are subject to change at any time.

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