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Mild Steel Is A Plus
Mild Steel Is A Plus
Mild Steel Is A Plus
Mild Steel Is A Plus
Mild Steel Is A Plus
Mild Steel Is A Plus
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02 Mar 2020
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Specification of Mild Steel Is A Plus

Light Steel C Gvlum

Mild steel has a thickness of 0.65 mm, 0.70 mm, 0.75 mm, 0.95 mm and 1 mm with a height of 7.5 cm and a foot width of 3.5 cm and a length of 6 meters. We sell roof material Lightweight steel roof with competitive price and quality from manufacturer PT. Benteng Mas Light (CBM), Taso, A Plus, Kencana and Histeel.
Lightweight steel roof truss is a recent technological development of roof structures using strong but light steel construction. Light steel made of Galvalum material. Galvalum is a steel material with a coating containing aluminum and zinc elements that are resistant to corrosion (anti-rust) and in accordance with ISO Standards. The process of making mild steel is known by the formation of cold or cold forming and the result is commonly known as cold formed section. Next is the formation process by bending the steel to get the desired results or press brake, followed by the roll forming stage that is to pass mild steel on a computer that has been computerized, and the last is to punch the steel plate is placed on the die-set and punching will press high and punching and forming the steel plate.
We sell light steel with various brands including:

Light Steel C Gvlum Tasso 0.75 mm
Light Steel C Gvlum Tasso 1.00 mm
Light Steel C Gvlum CBM 0.75 mm
Light Steel C Gvlum CBM 1.00 mm
Light Steel C Gvlum Aplus 0.75 mm
Light Steel C Gvlum Aplus 1.00 mm
Light Steel C Gvlum Histeel 0.75 mm

Lightweight steel is often also called Canal C, Truss, CNP mild steel, C Galvalum.
Some advantages of using Light Steel Frame Roof are:

The construction is lighter, lasts longer and free of charge maintenance.
Free of pests such as termites or fungus and not inflammable.
Requires careful and meticulous calculations to determine powerful dimensions efficiently at lower cost.
Easy installation because it has been in fabrication by experienced technician (handyman) prior to installation also with the profile form that is already tailored to the needs of the field.
Required manpower / technicians with special expertise to be able to produce correct lightweight steel structural & construction assemblies and satisfactory results.

*) IMAGES Light Steel ONLY IMAGE illustrations only, will probably be different from the original product.
*) Contact histeel.co.id Iron, Steel and Steel Distributor Best Lightweight Steel for your needs.
*) Light Steel Price may change at any time.

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