Plain Concrete Iron Full Sni 8mm - TP280

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Specification of Plain Concrete Iron Full Sni 8mm - TP280

Rebar, commonly known as steel reinforced concrete, is one of the building blocks for structural concrete.

There are generally 2 types of rebar produced: round bar and deformed bar. The raw materials for concrete iron are billets and scrap. Billets are steel bars that are made from the results of casting iron ore (pig iron) while scrap is scrap metal or scrap iron which is melted at a certain temperature.

Plain Iron has sizes ranging from (d) 8 mm to 25 mm. With a length of 6 meters (bending) or 12 meters (straight) and the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). SNI Concrete Iron has certain strength standards. SNI Concrete Iron has a size tolerance of + -0, 2 mm from the diameter marking. The types of concrete that we sell are KSTY, STD, officers. In addition, we also sell rebar at competitive prices and tested quality and we serve sales in large quantities (wholesale) or retail (retail).

Here are some sizes of full SNI plain concrete iron available:

Plain Concrete Iron 6 mm

Plain Concrete Iron 8 mm

10 mm Plain Concrete Iron

12 mm Plain Concrete Iron

16 mm Plain Concrete Iron

Plain Concrete 19 mm

Plain Concrete Iron 22 mm

Plain Concrete Iron 25 mm


* Iron tolerance of 0.2 mm - 0.3mm

* Price and stock are not tied

* Prices include VAT

*Does not include postage

There is some information on our terms of purchase as follows:

- We serve bulk or wholesale purchases.

- Payment of Cash Before Delivery (COD). Pay first, then we will send the goods.

- Price & stock are not tied.

- Orders can be made through Indotrading, WA, Website, Tokopedia, or Shopee Hi Steel.

- If the goods are ready at Hi Steel warehouse, the estimated delivery is 1 day after the payment process.

For complete information, please contact us via chat

BUY IRON AND STEEL YES AT HI STEEL ONLY!ll iron rods of various sizes as follows

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