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Plain Concrete Iron
Plain Concrete Iron
Plain Concrete Iron
Plain Concrete Iron
Plain Concrete Iron
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11 Apr 2020
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Specification of Plain Concrete Iron

We sell iron rods of various sizes as follows:

  • Iron Plain 6 mm   
  • Plain iron 8 mm   
  • Iron Plain 10 mm 
  • Plain iron 12 mm 
  • Plain iron 16 mm 
  • Plain iron 19 mm 
  • Plain steel 22 mm
  • Iron Plain 25 mm 

* Iron Tolerance 0.2 mm

Concrete iron, commonly called iron concrete skeleton is one of the concrete-forming materialstructure.
Concrete iron produced generally consist of 2 types: concrete iron plain surface (round bar) concrete and steel screw (deformed bars). The raw material of iron scrap and billets are concrete. Billets are steel ingot casting proceeds made from the seeds of iron (pig iron), while scrap iron or iron is used which is melted with a specific temperature.
Plain iron has a size ranging from (d) 8 mm up to 25 mm. Whereas the Iron Screw has a size ranging from 10 mm samPai 32 mm. With a length of 6 meters (buckling) or 12 ft (straight).
Indonesia national standard (SNI) is the only standard that is applicable nationwide in Indonesia. Iron Concrete specific powers have a standard LOGO. Plain concrete iron his strength standards are often referred to as BJTP 24, whereas for iron screw standard concrete strength of his storied ranging from BJTS 35 and 40.
Iron-concrete is one of the outstanding products in the market that have tolerances in dimensions. ArtThere is a difference in inya marking the diameter between the concrete iron circulating iron diameter concrete real. Concrete iron SNI has a tolerance of +-0, size 2 mm of diameter marking.
As for the Iron-concrete Types that we sell is KSTY, AIS and IKS, KSSK.
We sell concrete with iron kompetitive price and quality tested. We serve a large number of sales (Wholesale) and retail (Retail).


*) IMAGES Iron Concrete ONLY IMAGE illustrations only, will probably be different from the original product.
*) Contact histeel.co.id Iron Iron, Steel and Steel Distributor Online for your best Concrete Iron.
*) The price of Iron Concrete may change at any time.

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