Safety Shoes KENT Size 3 UK

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21 Sep 2021
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Safety Shoes

Specification of Safety Shoes KENT Size 3 UK

Safety Shoes 

We sell Safety Shoes Kent with guaranteed quality and affordable price. Kent's safety shoe is one of the shoes that is comfortable and safe for the foot. KENT safety shoes are made to protect your feet regardless of the dangers in your work environment. With a fairly affordable price you can get a safety shoe product (safety shoes) that can provide security for your feet. Safety Kent Shoes come in various types like Kent Borneo, Kent Toba, Kent Sentani, Kent Kalimutu, Kent Molucas, Kent Bali, Kent Andalas, Kent Ternate, Kent Papua, Kent Natuna, Kent Madura, Kent Lombok, Kent Java, Kent Batam, Kent Celebes.

KENT LOMBOK is the KENT brand SAFETY SHOES (safety shoes) quality is no doubt. Widely used large-scale projects at affordable prices can select colors. Steel toe cap provide maximum toe protection and comfort standard EN 12568, ANSI Z-41-1991, impact strength 200 joules. Compression resistance 20 KN.

Nitrille rubber outsole

Heat resistance Up to 300ᵒC

Polyurethane outsole

Heat resistance Up to 100ᵒC 200 joules toe cap, oil resistant, petrol and chemical resistant, heat resistant, anti static, anti slip, slanted heel, shock absorber, achilles tendon protect, steel midsole pierce resistant (optional), optimum quality control.

Safety Shoes Kent Recomended For: Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacture, Plant, Construction, Cargo, Shipping, Hotel, Hospital, Bikers.

All type available in polyurethane & Nitrille Rubber sole:

Shoes size scale comparison (Man):

UK 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

French 36 37 38 39/40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

KENT safety shoes available size 36-43 / 3-9 (for extra size 44-47 / 10-13 50.000 additional charge / pair and items that have been in the message can not be canceled and can not be exchanged)

*) The image of the safety kent ONLY IMAGE image illustrations alone, will probably be different from the original product.

*) Contact histeel.co.id distributor of iron concrete, steel, light steel and tools Online for your best interests. 

*) Harga Sepatu Safety Kent dapat berubah sewaktu - waktu. 

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