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Selling low price wiremesh

Wiremesh is a series of concrete wires in the form of nets and woven into sheets. Wiremesh is used for road casting, home / building flooring and also for strengthening and maintaining cement or cast layers. In addition Wiremesh is also used as concrete reinforcement for floor plates, concrete walls, concrete drainage channels, airport runways, highways, sidewalks, road fences, ponds, etc. Wiremesh consists of two types, namely sheet and roll. Wiremesh sheets have a size of 2.1 m x 5.4 m with an iron size of 5 mm - 10 mm, while a wiremesh roll has a size of 2.1 m x 54 m with an iron size from 4 mm - 6 mm. We provide SNI certified, because quality and quality have been tested and have passed quality standards.


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